10 Must-Have DIY Tools for Your Next Home Project

If you have been wanting to try random DIY hacks that you’ve seen on social media but you’ve never gotten around to buying the basic tools, we’ve got a suggested “starter pack” of what you’ll need to tackle most do-it-yourself projects. This list of DIY tools will make your projects a breeze and leave you feeling like a pro.

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Shop Vac:

DIY projects can get messy really quick and if you’re anything like us, we prefer to clean as we go, especially dealing with sawdust. That’s where a shop vac will comes in handy. When you are sanding furniture or patching drywall, this powerful vacuum will take care of it with no problem.

Example Project: You just finished installing new flooring in your living room and now you’re left with the debris from the floor cuts. Simply grab your shop vac, attach the appropriate nozzle, and swiftly suck up the debris to leave your floors spotless.


Drill and Impact Driver:

When it comes to versatility and power, the drill and impact driver combo is a must-have. The drill is perfect for drilling holes quickly, while the impact driver installs screws with precision and speed. It makes any project go that much faster… they’ll make you wonder how you ever survived without them!

Example Project: You’ve decided to build a custom bookshelf and you use the drill to create perfectly aligned holes for shelf brackets. Then, switch to the impact driver to secure those screws tightly in place, ensuring a sturdy and stylish addition to your home.



A crowbar gives you the leverage you need to tear down old cabinets or remove rusty nails. You may think you could get away with not having a crowbar but for most demolition projects, it’s the must-have DIY tool.

Example Project: You’re remodeling your kitchen and need to remove the outdated backsplash. Slide the crowbar behind the tiles, apply a little pressure, and watch as it pries them off the wall (don’t forget the protective gear during demo!)


Brad Nailer:

The brad nailer is a game-changer for all your delicate woodworking projects. With pinpoint accuracy, this tool shoots tiny brad nails into place, leaving your fingers and nerves intact.

Example Project: You’ve decided to build our DIY wooden bath tray. Since there are smaller wood pieces to attach, you use the brad nailer to effortlessly secure the book holder and bottom supports to the bath tray, giving it a seamless and professional finish.


Caulk Gun:

Sealing gaps and cracks may seem daunting but having a caulk gun makes it a breeze. This DIY tool allows you to precisely apply caulk, ensuring a clean finish that keeps both drafts and moisture away.

Example Project: You’ve noticed a gap around your windows that’s letting in drafts. Grab your caulk gun, load it with weather-resistant caulk, and apply a smooth bead along the window frame.



Sanders are another must-have DIY tool for smooth, polished surfaces on your projects. From refinishing furniture to prepping surfaces for painting, this tool will make your projects look flawless in no time.

Example Project: You’ve found a beautiful antique table at yard sale but the style is too outdated for your tastes so you decide to refinish it. You use the sander to remove the old finish to prep the table for a fresh coat of stain or paint.


Paint Roller Extension Pole:

If you want to reach the top of your walls when painting, you could use a ladder  for the detailed cut-in, but we’d recommend a paint extension pole to quickly paint the entire wall in no time. Just being able to move freely makes this a essential DIY tool to have!

Example Project: You’ve been inspired to give your living room a fresh coat of paint. You attach your roller to the extension pole and reach those high corners and ceiling edges with no problem.


Stud Finder:

You never want to mount a large painting without checking if there is a stud behind the drywall. It’s crucial to find those hidden studs. But instead of knocking on the wall (I know, I know, we’ve all done it at some point in time!), the stud finder does this work for you, locating that solid framework within your walls to ensure a secure installation.

Example Project: You’re ready to hang your DIY Entryway Shelf. Use your stud finder to locate the studs behind the drywall. Mark their positions, drill pilot holes and secure your mirror knowing it will stay firmly in place.


Screw Extractor:

We’ve all been there—a stripped screw that refuses to budge. The screw extractor is an ingenious tool that helps you remove those stuck screws, saving you time, effort (and potential damage) to your project.

Example Project: You’re disassembling an old piece of furniture to give it a makeover. In the process, one of the screws becomes stripped and won’t turn. With the screw extractor, you effortlessly grip the screw head and remove it, allowing you to continue your project without the headache.


Air Compressor:

Last but not least, we have the air compressor, the powerhouse behind many tools including the brad nailer we’ve already mentioned. Air compressors provides that extra force to get the job done.

Example Project: Let’s say you’re want to update your interior door with a new coat of paint. After sanding off the original stain, you use a paint sprayer connected to an air compressor which quickly speeds up the painting process.


That’s our wrap up of our 10 must-have DIY tools for your next home project that we believe will transform your home improvement experience. Hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration to start working on a project of your own!


If you are looking to jump into a starter DIY project of your own, try one of these 5 Budget-Friendly DIY Home Makeover Ideas and let us know how it turns out by tagging us @hammerandhandsaw on Pinterest, Instagram and/or TikTok!

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