5 Budget-Friendly DIY Home Makeover Ideas

If you’ve been wondering how to makeover your home under a tight budget, this is the post for you! Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or just starting out, we believe that making updates to your home should be fun and affordable for everyone. So we decided to share some of our budget-friendly DIY project ideas that will bring new life to your home. Grab your home toolkit and give these ideas a try!

@hammerandhandsaw Although we love a full scale renovation, you don’t always need a demolition project to give your space a refresh ✨ Get creative and breathe some new life in your home with a few easy and budget-friendly projects! Links to what you see are in our bio ➡️ . . #homediyideas #budgetfriendlydiy #instahome #homemakeoveronabudget #diyprojects ♬ original sound – DJSHU-G

1. Give Your Walls a Splash of Color

A simple and affordable way to change up any room is by giving your walls a fresh coat of paint. Personally, we like neutral tones all over with a few accent colors in a few areas. Our paint of choice is usually Behr Premium Plus because you are able to get a gallon of primer and paint for $30-$40 each and the quality is really great.

You can also save money by painting a room yourself instead of hiring a professional painter. If you aren’t quite comfortable painting, consider using painter’s tape to keep your paint lines clean and not so messy.

map wallpaper

We also used this wallpaper from Wallmur on one wall of our kid’s room to add an accent instead of a different paint color. Wallpaper is not the easiest to apply, but with some patience and an extra hand, it can definitely be done!


2. Upgrade Your Lighting

updated dining room light

Another nice way to give your home an update is with some new lights. Now lighting can get pretty expensive, especially depending on your tastee but we found that Amazon has nice afforable options. You’ll be amazed at how new lighting can brighten up your rooms and create a warm and inviting environment instantly.

3. Repurpose and Upcycle Furniture

upcycled desk

When we had a little more time on our hands, we used to go to yard sales on the weekends and find furniture pieces that could be upcycled. This saved us so much money buying furniture (and was part of the start of Hammer and Handsaw too!)

An easy way to do this is to find sturdy pieces that are made of real wood, prep the furniture (by either sanding and/or priming the wood), then stain or paint to your liking.

For example, we found an old yellow desk and updated it with Minwax Jacobean wood stain on the top and Behr Paint in the color Polar Bear on the bottom.

4. Add Greenery with Indoor Plants

plant decor in office

We have live indoor plants all over our home! They bring a nice touch to any space and best of all, they are good for your health by improving the air quality! We’d suggest finding low maintanance plants to start if you don’t have a green thumb. You can find affordable house plants at your local nursery, home improvement store or even online! You can find a beautiful, live Bird of Paradise plant for under $50 on Amazon.


5. Create Stylish but Functional Storage Solutions

bathroom shelf for storage

Sometimes you may be able to give a room a drastic update just by decluttering and rearranging the items in the room. Maximize your space and keep your home organized with budget-friendly storage solutions like using various organization bins, baskets, caddys and shelves.

An easy and budget-friendly DIY project for organization is to create your own shelving. In one example, we created a quick shelf in our half bath by cutting down and staining a piece of scrap wood then installing it on the wall with shelf brackets.

Entryway Shelf Using Repurposed Wood

Another example is the farmhouse entryway shelf, where we saved money by using old wood pieces. We also stained the top using our signature gray whitewash stain color and painted the bottom using Behr Polar Bear (notice a pattern yet?) to match the other furniture pieces that we updated.


We hope that these budget-friendly DIY ideas have sparked some inspiration and show that it is possible to makeover your home without overspending. You just need a little creativity, patience and DIY enthusiasm to make your living spaces truly shine without breaking the bank!


If you decide to try any of these, share it with us on @hammerandhandsaw on Instagram and Tiktok!


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