8 Must-Have Tools for Homeowners

If you’ve been interested in starting a DIY project, there are a few tools that we recommend homeowners have for the most basic projects. Of course, you could buy additional or advanced tools based on the home fix you are tackling, but here we have consolidated our 8 must-have tools that are sure to get you started!

1. Screwdriver Set

Every homeowner will need a screwdriver set to tackle the simplest of tasks around the house like tightening a loose screw, replacing a outlet cover, or opening a paint can. It’ll be worth it to at least get a set of screwdrivers that include a Phillips-head and other common slotted sizes starting out.


2. Hammer

Having a hammer is essential to provide the force you need to secure nails and other items in place that you may be unable to do by hand. You don’t have to break the bank for a basic hammer, but we suggest a hammer that at least includes a curved claw (the claw is helpful in removing or fixing nails).

3. Tape Measure

You’ll be surprised how many times you’ll reach for a tape measure as a new homeowner. It’s helpful to have a tape measure that has a locking feature and has plenty of length on it (we have one with 25ft, for example).


4. Cordless Drill and Driver Set

There will be some home fixes that will require a little more force to ensure the hardware is secure. This drill and driver set from Rigid is a good investment for those wanting to drill holes or drive screws quickly and efficiently. If you would rather only buy one of these, we’d suggest buying a drill to start as you can insert both drill and driver bits.


5. Level

A level is a must-have for homeowners, particularly for hanging wall art and picture frames. In general, the level will allow you to ensure projects are perfectly horizontal or vertical. A small, plastic level will suffice for quick corrections, but over time you may find that you prefer a larger, metal level for more complex projects.  

6. Utility Knife

A utility knife is another must-have for new homeowners that is indispensable and used often. You could use your utility knife to open boxes easily, cut open packaging or shave wood. Over time you may even upgrade to a utility knife with storage space for new blades or a nice gripping handle.  

7. Adjustable Pliers

There are different types of pliers, but to start out, it will be helpful to get a set of adjustable pliers (also called tongue and groove pliers). The “tongue and groove” feature will allow the pliers to lock and grip onto different sizes of hardware. These can be especially useful when tackling faucets.  

8. Adjustable Wrenches

And lastly, adjustable wrenches are another helpful tool that will get your through the pains of a simple plumbing issue or tightening loose bolts around the house. We’d suggest to buy a set of wrenches, or one large wrench (for hard to reach areas) and one small wrench (for tight spaces).


Hopefully this quick list of essential tools will help you tackle many of the common tasks you may face as a homeowner. If you are ready to try your hand at a new home project, check out our beginner DIY for installing closet rods.

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