2023 Handyman Holiday Gift Guide – 10 Gifts for DIYers

Finding the perfect gift for a seasoned handyman (or woman!) can be a challenge. Case in point, Joshua has more supplies and tools than most, which means gift giving takes a lot more thought and planning than usual. So if you’ve started your holiday shopping for someone similar, you’ve come to the right place!

In this quick guide, we’ll share 10 gift ideas that will complement and elevate their (already impressive) toolbox. We’ve also included a range of prices and types of gifts so we’re sure you’ll find a great gift for your favorite DIYer just in time for the holidays.


1. Tool Backpack

Most DIYers already have a toolbag of some sort, but now they’ll be able to take the tools on the go with a tool backpack. We’d recommend looking for a durable tool backpack that has a seemingly endless supply of pockets and compartments, so that every tool has its place and stays organized.

2. Laser Distance Measurer

If the handyman in your life is still measuring with a wooden yard stick (no shame though of course, it still has its place!), upgrade them to a laser distance measurer. We have this Bosch model that measures distances up to 165 ft long with extreme accuracy.

3. Magnetic Wristband

If you’ve ever tried to hang a picture and dropped a nail a few times, you know how frustrating that inconvenience can be. So give the gift of a magnetic wristband, which is a hands-free solution to keeping nails, screws and other metal objects close (quite literally right at your fingertips).

4. Cordless Power Tools Set

Anyone who is handy appreciates their corded power tools but also knows that cord (and extension cord) can sometimes get in the way. Black and Decker’s high-performance cordless power tools set, which features a drill, impact driver, circular saw, and more, gives the freedom to work anywhere without compromising on power and is definitely a must-have for a DIYer on the move.

5. Electric Cordless Screwdriver Set

We didn’t think an electric screwdriver was helpful to have… until we got one. A great example is when you are putting together a furniture piece from Ikea. Instead of wearing out your hand with a traditional screwdriver or ruining the delicate furniture using a drill, use an electric screwdriver to finish the job effortlessly. Just be sure to find one with a interchangeable bits, ergonomic handles, and a magnetic tip like this one from Black and Decker.

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6. Bluetooth Hearing Protection

We recommend these 3M WorkTunes Bluetooth-enabled safety earmuffs for the handyman who creates a lot of things and a lot of noise. These are made for working with a single button control and the ability to even take a phone call with a built-in microphone.

7. Multi-Tool Oscillating Kit

This is the Swiss Army knife every handyman needs in their toolkit. Dewalt’s oscillating kit is an all-in-one tool that’s able to perform many tasks like cutting and sanding.

8. Power Tool Organizer Wall Mount with Charging Station

With all of the tools, it’s a good idea to have them organized in some way to make them easy to find. This tool organizer featured here even has a charging station for power tools, which makes it nice bonus to any handyman or DIYers’ workshop. featuring built-in power outlets.

9. LED Work Light with Tripod

Speaking of a workshop, if your DIYer likes to work early in the morning or late at night, they may need a boost of light in their work space. This LED work light provides a convenient bright light for any focused project with a 15ft power cord and adjustable tripod.

10. Borescope/Inspection Camera

Lastly we have the borescope or digital inspection camera. Featuring a flexible, waterproof camera head and a high-resolution display, this tool allows your handyman or DIYer to investigate pipes, wall structures, household appliances and other tight spaces with ease.

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That’s the wrap up of our gift guide for those who live and breathe DIY. These gifts will hopefully serve as thoughtful upgrades to that handy person in your life. If you think this would be helpful for someone else, be sure to share our handle @hammerandhandsaw on Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok!

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