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Hi we’re Joshua & Dejené – the couple behind Hammer & Handsaw.


Joshua has been involved in home renovations and woodworking since becoming a real estate investor in 2016 and earning his general contracting license a few years later. After we were married, Dejené provided the creative direction for the renovations.

We started the Hammer and Handsaw blog one weekend after realizing how much furniture we would need for our new home and figured building pieces on our own would save us some money. So after a visit to the home improvement store and a few hours later, we had a new custom desk and the DIY bug had bitten.

The newfound ability kept growing (and so did the tool purchases). The hobby turned into an obsession and later into a business. Hammer & Handsaw was launched to share our adventures both renovating our own home and tackling our house flips. We hope you decide to take a few of our pointers along the way in your own journey!


Connect with us at Hammer & Handsaw for collaborations, ideas or questions about our home renovation, DIY or woodworking projects! We take a lot of pride in providing good, quality content and welcome working with brands and companies that compliment well with our projects.