5 Home Office Makeover Ideas for This Weekend

For those of us who are mostly working from home these days, you know that having a well-designed and organized home office workspace can make a world of difference! In fact, we recently took some time to add some improvements to our home office which ended up taking not much time at all.

So whether you’re looking to create a functional home office from scratch or want to give your existing workspace a refresh, there are plenty of simple, weekend DIY ideas that can give your space a nice makeover in just a few days.

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1. Organize Your Workspace

We’d suggest starting this weekend makeover by cleaning the space, decluttering your desk and getting rid of any unnecessary items (You might notice the room almost instantly feels better already!) Then, add some storage solutions like floating shelves, wire baskets or desktop organizers which will keep your workspace tidy and organized.


2. Upgrade Lighting

Good lighting is crucial for a productive workspace. So if your current lighting setup isn’t cutting it, try upgrading your fixtures or maybe even just adding smaller task lighting. This adjustable desk lamp can give you decent lighting over your immediate working area and won’t take any effort in terms of installation. If you are bit more handy with installing light fixtures, an overhead pendant or chandelier can add a stylish touch to your workspace.


3. Add a Splash of Color


Adding a pop of color to create an accent wall (or two) is almost sure to give your home office a whole new life! Best of all, this won’t take up your whole weekend as it is only one wall of paint. Buying a new chair cushion or throw pillow with a bright color takes even less time. You can also add in color with your desk accessories like pencil holders, paper trays or mouse pads.


Create a Gallery Wall


A gallery wall is an easy idea to both personalize your home office in a weekend and make your space more interesting. Best part of creating a gallery wall is that it is totally up to you what you use! Hang family photos, inspirational quotes or artwork that you love and even consider using different sized frames and finishes for a cohesive yet eclectic look.

We don’t have this in our home office (yet) but installed a gallery wall on our stairwell and it turned out great!


Add a Reading Nook


If you have the space, create a cozy reading nook in your home office. Add pieces like a comfortable sofa or armchair, a side table for your coffee or tea, and a floor lamp for reading. This space can be used for brainstorming ideas or taking a (much needed) break from your work during the day.


With these home office DIY makeover projects and ideas, you can create a fresh and functional workspace that is perfect for your work week in just one weekend!

Did you try any of these ideas? We’d love to see– Tag us on social media @hammerandhandsaw!


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