DIY Simple Wood Bath Tray for Less Than $25

With a few simple DIY tools, you’ll be able to create this simple wood bath tray that features rustic handles for easy transport and a book holder for ultimate relaxation. Also, if you already have a few power tools, you will be able to complete this DIY for under $25!

Materials Needed

diy materials and tools


Step 1 – Measure

Measure the width of your bathtub to the outer edge of both sides. This tray was 29 inches wide. If you would like to add supporting pieces on the bottom of your tray in order to keep it from sliding off, also measure the distance between the inner edges to place supporting feet onto the bottom of the tray.

Step 2 – Cut, Sand & Stain

Cut both the 1 in. x 12 in. x 48 in. pine wood board and the 1 in. x 2 in. pine wood to the width of your bathtub. This will be the main tray base and the back support on the tray, respectively. Then cut the 1 in. x ¾ in. pine or scrap wood to 4 inches (or to your liking). This will be the book holder/support. Also, if you’ve chosen to add the supporting feet, cut them to the width of the tray, about 12 inches.

Using an orbital sander with 220 grade sandpaper, sand all of the individual pieces before staining to ensure all of the surfaces are smooth.

Using a brush or cloth and the wood stain of your choice, wipe all pieces of the tray ensuring consistent coverage. Allow the pieces to dry according to manufacturer’s specifications before continuing.

staining wood

Step 3 – Attach

Using wood glue and a nail gun (or hammer and nails), attach the rear support to the main portion of the tray. Continue to do the same for the supporting feet on the bottom of the tray according to your measurements for the inner edge of the tub. Once the feet are set, position the book rest to your liking, making sure to keep edge as straight as possible and parallel with the straight edge of the main tray.

wood tray unfinished

Lastly you will attach the two door pull handles of your choice to each end of the tray. You may need a drill to insert the screws needed for the handles.

rustic door pull handles

Step 4 – Finish

Once the glue is dry, remove any remaining dust and debris with a tack cloth. Following the directions for your wipe-on polyurethane, saturate a cloth with the polyurethane and apply smoothly across the surface. Apply at least 2 coats to gain an even finish that will last and let it cure for at least a day or two.

And that’s it!

Hopefully this DIY was helpful and you will be on your way to a relaxing bath in no time!

diy bath tray

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