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For a few years, we were enamored with simple, farmhouse neutrals (whites, grays, beige and the like) but as time passes, we’ve started to embrace bolder colors in our home designs. We still use many neutral tones for our choice of wall paint, but we now try to add a pop of color these days using wallpaper or accent walls.

Our color choices lean more on the earthy side– soft and dark blues, deep browns and most recently, olive green. It looks like olive green is a popular color choice for a lot of people these days and rightfully so! It’s a captivating color and gives seems to give a sophisticated edge to a room.

We’ll share how we used olive green in our home as well as a few home inspiration posts from Instagram which will be sure to inspire you to use this tone in your next project.

Our #1 Olive Green Paint Choice – Behr’s Kilimanjaro

We were looking for a shade of olive green to paint our primary bedroom and came across Behr’s Kilimanjaro. This olive green paint color was perfectly earthy and calm, which we thought fit well in the overall home design. We paired it with gray and beige furniture, which nicely complimented the green paint.

green paint in bedroom


#2 Olive Green Paint Choice – Farrow and Ball’s Green Smoke












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A post shared by Gem (@newbzresidence_no7)


If you’re unsure about going all-in on the green trend, Farrow and Ball’s Green Smoke paint color may change your mind. In fact, this shade of olive looks more gray with green undertones. So you may consider it a safer option, unless you create a more bold design like @newbzresidence_no7, who used a very nice mix of textures and accents to compliment this green living room paint color.                            

#3 Olive Green Paint Choice – Lick Paint Green 02










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                  A post shared by C H A R L O T T E (@home_by_the_dane)                  


     We had to include this light olive accent bedroom wall designed by @home_by_the_dane. Lick Paint describes this shade as “a soft mid-green with balanced blue and grey undertones” so it’s a great choice if you are looking for a lighter tone. Related Post:    

#4 Olive Green Paint Choice – Benjamin Moore’s Carolina Gull









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      A post shared by Blanc Marine Intérieurs (@blancmarineliving)    




@blancmarineliving‘s mudroom was one of the inspiration photos that caught our eye while looking for a deep olive color. This one is Carolina Gull by Benjamin Moore and gives a “moody” and charming feel to this spacious mudroom.


#5 Olive Green Paint Choice – Farrow and Ball’s Pigeon









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@thegreenfieldhome_chose Farrow and Ball’s Pigeon as their choice of olive green for an accent wall in their spare bedroom. This shade is very simliar to our choice, only a few shades lighter but gives a nice focal point in the room. If you’re looking for a more subtle olive, this paint color (and Instagram account!) may be for you.


Choosing Your Olive

The beauty of olive green really is found in its various shades. It ranges from the deeper, richer tones that feel cozy and intimate to the lighter, muted shades that create a fresh, airy feel. We found that olive green adapts to different designs and tastes.

We hope you found the inspiration you were looking for! Although this was focused on one color, it’s really about crafting an space that’s serene, inviting, and uniquely yours. It was fun rounding up these inspirational Instagram posts by these very talented home design enthusiasts.

Are you thinking of painting a room in your home green? Are you looking for the perfect color to paint your home? While you are planning your next home project, if you decide to try any of these or you found your own shade, share it with us on @hammerandhandsaw on Instagram and TikTok!

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