DIY 2-Tier Plant Stand

Got some scrap wood and in need of planter stand? This is the perfect Saturday project. We did this Spring and we decided to make a outdoor plant stand to reduce the clutter on our deck. I preferred it to have two tiers, one shelf for the larger plants and another shelf for the smaller for a more pleasant presentation. After a quick sketch of what we had in mind, the tools came out and we went to work. Check out our TikTok video of how we created our DIY 2-tier plant stand and keep reading below for the inspiration:


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What We Used


Our Idea for the DIY 2-Tier Plant Stand

After renovating our backyard deck (blog post on that project coming soon!), we had old balusters that we didn’t want to throw away and thought we could reuse for another project. Turns out they were exactly what we needed for the frame and slats on this plant stand.

We used resawn 2x4s for the legs of the plant stand. Then we resawed some of the balusters into 1/4″ thickness to also use around the frame.

frame for plant stand

Constructing the 2-Tier Plant Stand

To start the base, we just used a simple box plan for the bottom and back. After adding some side supports, we could frame out the top. Adding some internal members made the structure more rigid and kept the plant stand from rocking back and forth.

frame 2-tier plant stand

The wood slats (in our case, scrap wood cut from our old deck balusters) were used as the shelves on the plant stand. Everything was secured with construction screws and brad nails. The brad nails were used to quickly hold down the slats on each level.

slats on plant stand


Once finished, we had no shortage of outdoor plants to fill up the 2-tier plant stand.

finished plant stand with plants

If you’re ready for more gardening ideas, check out this post on how to repot your favorite houseplants.

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